Protein After Workout

There’s no debate as to the importance of ingesting protein after your workout. It’s a vital nutrient to muscles aiding in the repair of the muscle fibers damaged through working out. It’s a staple of anyone looking to build muscle, or get in shape.

Studies have shown that those who ingest protein after their workout have better results from working…

Fitness Tip: A Better Way To Squat

squats-formSquats are one of the best leg exercises you can do. If you don’t regularly incorporate them into your weekly workouts, you’re missing out on a staple exercise for the lower body. They force you to use tons of stabilizing muscles in your back, butt, and core, and if done correctly your quads will scream for mercy.

Problem is, form can be really tricky – especially for newbies. If done incorrectly, because we’re placing…

When’s the best time of day to workout?

Most experts agree that the most important factor in choosing a time of day to work out is personal convenience: you are more likely to stick to an exercise routine that suits both your personal preferences and your schedule. There are benefits and drawbacks to working out in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Choosing the time of day that best suits your individual needs will allow you to workout consistently. Your ability to stick with your routine will ultimately…

New Study: Do Energy Drinks Harm Your Heart?

It’s Monday morning, and after a long weekend you just can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed to hit the gym before work. You’re in need of a pick me up, so after stumbling out of bed and throwing on some gym clothes you grab a can of your favorite energy drink to chug down on the way to the gym.

We all love the alertness, and energy from chugging down a drink, but recent studies have shown that…

The Simple Reason You Can’t Run Farther

Have you ever found yourself excited to get out of the house and explore the world around you for an hour long run? Then, only 30 minutes later you find yourself walking back in the front door legs aching, and heart pounding wondering why you couldn’t go the whole distance? It’s a disappointing feeling to have while stumbling back in the front door to everyone asking why you’re back so early, but the good new is that it can easy…

Oh Snap! Man Does 2,501 Pull Ups in 15 Hours

paul-theodoreAnd you thought doing a set of 20 pull ups was tough! Try doing 2,501 in the span of 15 hours. That comes out to over 166 every hour!

That’s what Paul Theodore did back in February in his marathon session to raise awareness for cystic fybrosis, and over $25,000 for Zoe Watterson, a courageous 17 year old living with the disease.

His goal was to break the Guiness World Record of 4,020…

How Much Weight Can You Safely Lose Per Week?

Lets face it. We live in a world where instant gratification is shoved in our faces day in, and day out. We see pics of celebrities dropping 20 pounds or more in a month to shape up for beach season. We turn on the tv and are bombarded with shows like The Biggest Loser where contestants see double digit weight loss in a single week.

If others can lose this much weight in a week, why can’t we? And why is it…

8 Tips For Becoming a Pull-Up Beast

pull-up-beastPull-ups are notoriously known for being a difficult gym exercise. It takes a unique mix of bicep, forearm, and back strength to knock out a few pull-ups. The upside is that when done correctly they can develop your upper body simply into a work of art. Here are 8 tips for mastering the pull-up for everyone from the novice to the expert.

1. Include Free Weight Exercises

To master the pull up it’s

5 New Moves To Get A Sexy Six Pack

It’s mid April, which means beach season is upon us! If you’re tired of doing the same sets of crunches & sit ups, then here’s an ab workout from Mens Health that’s sure to get your abs burning by the end.

Healthy Food Suggestions For Managing Your Weight

One day you put on your favorite pair of pants and realized they were a little tighter than usual. “Did they shrink when I washed clothes this weekend” you ask. Distressed, you walk over to your mirror and see that your stomach is larger! You gained weight!

Sadly, with our modern culture, and convenient eating outlets, it is easier than ever to quickly pack on a few unwanted pounds. Losing weight can be an intimidating thought to a lot of people. It’s…